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Shafaw Energy Healing

The beauty of energy healing is that it can be done anywhere, at anytime, over any distance.

The primary form of energy healing we use is called Shafaw. Translated the word means "healing that comes from a sacred source". It is very powerful. As we are all interconnected, so are our thoughts and actions. Shafaw is transmitted as distant healing and many people actually "feel" something happening within their body. Each individual has a different experience and for many people, this is their preferred form of healing.

During your session you will only need to listen over the telephone and focus on your breathing. The spoken words are gentle and powerful and you will simply be in a comfortable position in your own private space. For more information on what to expect, please read the
Frequently Asked Questions.

We strongly encourage everyone to seek proper medical attention for illness and to use energy healing as a supplement in addition to the plan prescribed by their doctor. Many physicians welcome Alternative Therapies as a complement to western medicine.

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