The Revitalizers   A Wellness Center for Healing and Relaxation. 

Providing a personal guide to improve your well being.

Frequently Asked Questions:

1. Does energy healing really work?
    Yes, however each person experiences it differently. An energy healer taps into the individual and attempts to create harmony and balance within the body. For some, they experience a sensation of pulsing or vibrating, others say they feel nothing. In the end, it is how the person feels after the session that will indicate to them if something has "happened".

 2. What do I need to do to prepare for the session?
    The use of a headset for your home phone or cell phone is strongly recommended. We prefer the old fashioned headset that you can buy at an office supply for $15 - $20 (Staples, Office Depot, Office Max) to plug into your phone. This allows you to recline comfortably and both talk and listen during your session. 

    Choose an area that you will be comfortable to sit or lie down. Remove all distractions possible such as placing your pet in a separate room, having someone watch your children, request your spouse or roommates give you privacy, and turn off the ringers to any phones other that the one you are talking on. You may also want to dim the lights.

    Wear loose fitting clothing that will allow you to breathe easily and as comfortably as possible. You may also want a small blanket in the event you get cold.

    Visit the bathroom before your scheduled session.

3. How will I feel after the session?
    The goal is to feel better!  You may feel relaxed, sleepy, alive, calm, or even energetic. It is strongly suggested that you allow yourself 10 - 15 minutes after your session to fully integrate and come back. These words are chosen because people have varied experiences and sometimes they have a half here, half in dream land sensation. Please drink a glass of water after your session to re-hydrate and continue things moving through your system.


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