The Revitalizers   A Wellness Center for Healing and Relaxation. 

Providing a personal guide to improve your well being.

Relaxation Sessions

Let us help you relax. Today more than ever, people are experiencing stress in their lives. After a consultation, you will be guided through a personalized session designed around your specific needs. People have asked for help regarding finances, relationships, a loved one, school, employment, fear, and health challenges among many other categories.

The value of having a personalized session is that it is designed for you, at this specific time in your life. All sessions are infused with healing frequencies to assist in balancing the frequencies of the body.

For your appointment you will want to be in a safe and comfortable environment, free from distractions. It is suggested that you wear comfortable clothing to allow you to breathe easily. Please allow an additional 15 minutes in addition to your session to fully integrate the state of relaxation. Some people feel the desire to rest and others report feeling energized. Each individual has a different response.

Call or email to schedule:
(520) 977-2830

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