The Revitalizers   A Wellness Center for Healing and Relaxation. 

Providing a personal guide to improve your well being.

'Weekly Tune-Up'
Most of us would love to have someone give us a weekly or even a monthly tune-up.

The 'Weekly Tune-Up' is perfect for busy professionals who want to re-focus and replenish on a regular basis. Designed to keep you on track professionally, energetically, and mentally.  

Many people experience:
                 clarity and direction
                 a sense of calm
                 easier breathing
                 increased energy
                 a sense of connectedness

The 'Monthly Tune-Up' is designed for the person that would like to regularly schedule monthly sessions.

Call or email to schedule:
(520) 977-2830

'Weekly Tune-Up'
Includes a weekly review and tune up by telephone.  
4 within 5 weeks $300 (reg. $400)
'Monthly Tune-Up'
Includes a monthly review and tune up by telephone.
3 within 3 months $250 (reg. $300)
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